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Learn More About Our Tree Service Company

  • What time of year can I prune my trees?

    Tree pruning can be performed at any time of year. However, there are a few species that should be trimmed in the late fall or early spring. These include the American elm, non bearing fruit trees and bearing fruits.

  • My tree's health seems to be in decline. How do I make the correct decision on whether to prune it or remove it?

    If you are concerned about your tree’s declining health, have us come out and do a tree risk assessment for a small fee to give a proper diagnosis of your tree’s health. There are a few signs of a tree dying, which our tree care specialists will look for during the assessment.

  • Is A&R tree and landscaping llc licensed and insured?

    Yes, we are licensed locally and in most surrounding cities. We are also insured!

  • What happens to the tree debris once it leaves my property?

    Our certified arborists clean up the tree debris. We chip it up on site and dispose of it at a local dairy farm to make compost. Recycle & reuse!

  • My tree was written up by the city for code violations. Do you know how to bring my tree up to city code?

    We can assist with these matters as we work with many local towns.

  • What services does A&R Tree Services offer?

    We specialize in comprehensive tree services, including tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and tree planting.

  • Why should I hire a professional tree service company?

    Professional tree care ensures safety, health, and longevity for your trees.

  • What are the benefits of tree removal services?

    Tree removal improves safety, eliminates hazards, and enhances your property’s aesthetics.

  • How often should I schedule tree trimming services?

    Regular tree trimming promotes healthy growth and prevents potential risks.

  • Can you assist with tree planting?

    Yes, we offer expert tree planting services for a thriving landscape.

  • Do you provide brush clearing services?

    Yes, our brush clearing services help prepare your land for various projects.

  • What sets A&R Tree Services apart as a tree removal service?

    Our experienced team and top-tier equipment ensure efficient and safe tree removal.

  • Can I schedule tree pruning services for specific tree species?

    Absolutely, we tailor tree pruning to suit each tree’s unique needs.

  • How do stump grinding specialists remove tree stumps?

    We use specialized equipment to grind stumps below ground level, leaving no trace.

  • What is the cost of tree trimming service?

    Costs vary based on factors like tree size and condition. Contact us for a quote.

  • Do you offer emergency tree removal services?

    Yes, we provide 24/7 emergency tree removal for urgent situations.

  • How can tree care improve the health of my landscape?

    Tree care includes regular maintenance, disease prevention, and pest control.

  • Are your tree planting services environmentally friendly?

    Yes, we use eco-friendly practices to ensure the health of new trees.

  • What is the importance of tree pruning services for property owners?

    Tree pruning enhances tree health, safety, and overall aesthetics.

  • How can I reach A&R Tree Services for tree-related solutions?

    Contact us at (303) 833-5212 to discuss your tree care needs or schedule services.